Taking care of our clients, that is our mission!

AW Materieel is a multi-faceted company that offers guaranteed fleet mobility. Our staff takes pleasure and pride being involved in the rental of waste collection vehicles, repairing and overhauling and building up various brands as well as the development and construction of waste collection vehicles.

AW Rental
We supply modern, safe and innovative rental vehicles for short or long term and are able to advise you with regard to other alternatives such as hire-purchase or outsourcing your fleet, partly or completely. As a market leader in user-friendly and well configured vehicles, our expert knowledge in our workshop, short communication lines with our customers, you are assured of high quality service. We work according to de ISO 26000 standards.

AW Technique

We have a specialized workshop where we execute maintenance, repairs and overhauling of all your cleaning systems (Geesink, Haller, VDK en Translift).

AW Machine construction

This is where innovation, drafting and (continued) development of new and existing machines take place, such as for instance our subterranean lifts, suction vehicles and cleaning installations. Our latest product is a washing container. This removable container is loaded onto a flatbed crane lorry and it empties and washes underground waste containers – with hot and/or cold water – an all-in-one process. More detailed information and a video can be found under the button ‘Wash container’. We welcome challenges to help you find other, creative, technical solutions to your specific questions!


AW Materieel does its utmost to optimize its business activities in a sustainable manner. Our vehicles are highly innovative and special attention is paid to the ergonomics of the driver and to low fuel usage. We strive to achieve long-term relationships with our business partners and we carefully select our suppliers. Our offices are CO2 neutral and built in the Ecopark in Emmeloord. Our staff is given the opportunities to develop and grow in their work and working with pleasure is a primary objective!

Being honest, involved, reliable and clear – that is what we stand for!